Perché ne sono fiero. Sono un italiano. Un italiano vero

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I don’t recall whether I have already mentioned it or not, perhaps I will repeat myself, but I am absolutely sure that our God was born Italian! All the best things belong to this country – food, wine, landscapes, architecture, even clothes, everything! As I go to Italy quite often and talk to many people, I’d like to say that Italians are wonderful. They are so vivid, hospitable, they are real! I will tell you a simple story about my friends Paolo and Lisa. We met 2 years ago in the South of Italy, in Policastro Bussentino. We relaxed there and rented villa from the same owner. One day after our first meeting we were already having dinner together. Lisa cooked terrific pasta; Paolo had crazy delicious seafood grilled. They taught us how to choose proper cheese, wine and yummy meat stuff. Paolo explained the three food pillars each Italian region was based on. We felt free and cool, although my English vocab was like an overall vocab of a shallow jewellery-witted young girl. On our way back home we decided to visit Rome and stay there for a couple of days. I asked Paolo to find me a good hotel, as it was a part of his job; he’s a hotel business coach. After a long search he said there would be Swimming World Cup during our dates and there were no spare rooms AT ALL! Of course I felt jaded, but not for long. Paolo said we didn’t need a hotel as we could stay at their apartment for as long as we wanted. And it was just a 100 meters away from the Colosseum,. We had been acquainted for only two days by the moment! Can you imagine that? I can’t! We have been friends for 2 years already, paying each other visits. And I am grateful to my lucky stars that present me such great friends!

But let’s get back to our muttons…If you don’t remember how previous post ended, I will remind you – it started raining in Montalcino and I was pretty much tight! Dad tried to hide away but I surely taught him the real life – Italians under the rain in the set of Montalcino old narrow streets. Any theatre would envy such a scene. I’ll tell you what I realized – people are absolutely different under the rain. Perhaps this comparison is not that right, but rain seems to purify… I’d rather stop telling  - have a look yourselves! I may be the one to like it?….


Don’t know why, but having made this shot I told myself that the trip was already a success…

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