Our family is a strange something…

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You really asked to blend travel and studio shoots, here it is!
Eight years ago in April we decided to make our first family studio photo shoot. We came up to the matter solidly and seriously! We rented real XIX century costumes in Sverdlovsk cinema studio for a hell of money. Talked our friend and best Ekaterinburg visage artist Olechka Stepanenko to rule make-up and style stuff. We had this shooting in Fame-studio. Actually I always have and still do have shootings there whenever I am in E-burg (Vasya, Dima, respect and mother-earth bows to you). Well, actually it was Vasiliy Fetisov who took photos (when he starts a livejournal, and I actually talked him to, I will give you a link, as it will be extremely useful). Sonya was making solo and rocked! I captured her before, but that was me and at home. And it was a studio and some suspicious guys! But real model doesn’t give a thing! Sonya was making fun and got everyone going, even the Granddaddy, for whom it is really easier to cut wood than pose in a photo studio! Well, what should I tell more, you have a look! I was shooting to my first mirror cam 300D!


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